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RUSSIAN VOLUNTEER Siberia Battalion RDK Russian Volunteer Corps Ukrainian Army PATCH Sibir Battali

RUSSIAN VOLUNTEER Siberia Battalion RDK Russian Volunteer Corps Ukrainian Army PATCH Sibir Battali

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The Sibir Battalion (Ukrainian: Батальйон «Сибір», romanizedBatalion “Sybir”, lit.'Siberian Battalion'; Russian: Батальон «Сибирь», romanizedBatalon “Sibir”) is a paramilitary group made up of Russian citizens opposed to the Putin administration.[2] Members of this unit include Russians, Yakuts, and Buryats, who see Ukraine's victory as an opportunity to gain independence or wide autonomy from Russia.[3] Before signing a contract, citizens of the Russian Federation undergo a thorough inspection, which can last up to a year. The battalion does not recruit captured Russian soldiers.[4] The unit fought in the Battle of Avdiivka. On 12 March 2024, the unit participated in a raid into the Kursk and Belgorod regions of Russia alongside the Freedom of Russia Legion.[2]

The commander of the battalion is Vladislav Ammosov.[5] He is an ethnic Yakut, and claims to have worked in Russia's GRU foreign military intelligence agency for 15 years. He fought in the First and Second Chechen wars.[6] Ammosov supports independence for his native Sakha (Yakutia)


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Azov Collection

The most full collection of Azov patches

The Azov Special Operations Detachment (Ukrainian:
Окремий загін спеціального призначення «Азов», romanized: Okremyi zahin
spetsialnoho pryznachennia "Azov"), also known as the Azov Regiment
(Ukrainian: Полк Азов, romanized: Polk Azov) or Azov Battalion until
September 2014, is a unit of the National Guard of Ukraine based in
Mariupol in the coastal region of the Sea of Azov. Azov formed as a
volunteer paramilitary militia in May 2014, and has since been fighting
Russian forces in the Donbas War. It first saw combat recapturing
Mariupol from Russian forces and pro-Russian separatists in June 2014.
It initially operated as a volunteer police company, until it was
formally incorporated into the National Guard on 11 November 2014. In
the wake of the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, the battalion gained
renewed attention for its use by Russia in justifying the invasion and
during the Siege of Mariupol for its role in the defense of the city.

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