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BuyPatch.NET Ukrainian Military, War and Morale patches.

Army Gift Keychain Made from Downed Russian Combat Tank T72 from Battlefield of Ukraine

Army Gift Keychain Made from Downed Russian Combat Tank T72 from Battlefield of Ukraine

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Memory Steel Unique Brutal Keychain Made in Ukraine, Metal Keychain Military Men's Gift, Memory Keychain for Him, Memory Military Gift Keychain, Wooden Box Gift, Christmas Gift, Anniversary Men’s Gift, Green  or Silver in  Box

Made in Russia - Recycled in Ukraine, Brutal Keychain for men and this handmade metal keychain looks perfect for a bunch of keys, bag charms, men's talisman, or your collection of souvenirs. Our custom keychain accessory will be a great gift for your friends, comrades, or your relatives.

Our historical keychain has a limited quantity because it is made of a piece of Russian burned panzer armor, each keychain is engraved with the individual number of the keychain and a picture of a Russian tank. Because of armored steel's natural strength and durability, Our unique keychain will last a lifetime! Each item has a unique serial number. 

Piece of Russian Tank
Ukraine War Trophy

Do not recommend storing it in rooms with high humidity.


• Size: 3.14 x 1,18 (8 x 3 cm)
• Weight: 4.58 oz (130 g)
• Colors: Silver
• Material: armor steel
• Made in Ukraine of a real destroyed tank

The idea of creating this talisman began in March 2022, in Kyiv, during a Russian military operation in Ukraine. In March 2022, the Ukrainian army defeated the enemy army after the most difficult battles for the cities of Bucha and Irpen and destroyed a lot of enemy military equipment.
Our team made this keychain - a talisman of victory so that you can feel all the energy and power of Ukrainians, who protect our people's freedom and our country's independence.


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Azov Collection

The most full collection of Azov patches

The Azov Special Operations Detachment (Ukrainian:
Окремий загін спеціального призначення «Азов», romanized: Okremyi zahin
spetsialnoho pryznachennia "Azov"), also known as the Azov Regiment
(Ukrainian: Полк Азов, romanized: Polk Azov) or Azov Battalion until
September 2014, is a unit of the National Guard of Ukraine based in
Mariupol in the coastal region of the Sea of Azov. Azov formed as a
volunteer paramilitary militia in May 2014, and has since been fighting
Russian forces in the Donbas War. It first saw combat recapturing
Mariupol from Russian forces and pro-Russian separatists in June 2014.
It initially operated as a volunteer police company, until it was
formally incorporated into the National Guard on 11 November 2014. In
the wake of the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, the battalion gained
renewed attention for its use by Russia in justifying the invasion and
during the Siege of Mariupol for its role in the defense of the city.

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